Bibile kandura tea -tea cup look like

Ceylon Tea
Bibile Kandura

Ceylon Tea is predominantly made from freshly plucked buds and leaves grown in upcountry regions of Sri Lanka. BibileKandura Tea is made of the finest quality Tea leaves plucked from an organic tea estate located in the area known as Ethpitiya which is in Namunukula mountain range, facing the east with the same weather conditions as a well-known travel destination “Ella”.

The freshly plucked tea leaves and buds are delivered within hours by foot to the factory. Thereby, our well-trained experts handpick the finest fresh leaves from the batch. All the drying and heating process are frequently monitored and we are quite proud to state that all the extremely eco-friendly where no electricity is used.The reason for the unmatchable natural taste of our tea is the drying in a specially made traditional clay oven. Finally, the leaves are carefully packed in a compartment and delivered to your hand.
Our staff is strictly following the food hygiene safety practices within the entire process and every step is closely monitored to make a fascinating cup of tea.


  •  Use a pinch of Bibile Kandura Tea leaves and add some hot water.
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to brew.
  • If needed add sugar to your taste.
    Have two cups of Bibile Kandura Tea a day and experience the natural taste of Pure Sri Lankan Tea.
Bibile kandura tea Finest Artisonal HandMade Ceylon Tea