Majestea- Bibile Kandura Tea

When we say our teas are handmade we truly mean it. It’s raw, real and rare.

Majestea is the supreme tea of Bibila Kandura Artisanal tea range with a bold taste and a distinct aroma.

Every step in our tea-making journey is individually cared for with a respect for nature that surrounds the tea valleys.

Our tea leaves are hand-picked in the early hours of the day and delicately processed to ensure that every cup of Majestea carries the best of the Bibila Kandura Valley. The harvest is sorted with the finest care and fanned with pristine air by our dedicated team. The tea leaves are then laid to rest in a special clay oven for a day until it develops the desired colour, flavour and aroma.



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  1. lanka Thilakaratne

    It is a very fresh and tasty tea. I can confirm because I used it

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